Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Lords walk among us

There are, it appears, Time Lords living among us.

According to this recent New Scientist article, up to 2 percent of the population is gifted with what's called "time-space synaesthesia," or the ability to see time as a spatial construct.

Here's how the article describes this gift:

"In general, these individuals perceive months of the year in circular shapes, usually just as an image inside their mind's eye," says David Brang of the department of psychology at the University of California, San Diego.

"These calendars occur in almost any possible shape, and many of the synaesthetes actually experience the calendar projected out into the real world."

One of Brang's subjects was able to see the year as a circular ring surrounding her body. The "ring" rotated clockwise throughout the year so that the current month was always inside her chest with the previous month right in front of her chest.
For reasons I can't understand, this article was accompanied by a photo of Matt Smith, the actor who will be portraying the 11th iteration of The Doctor, when it's clear that a more accurate summary of this research would be accompanied by a photo of the real doctor, played by David Tennant.

There's also no word yet on whether time-space synaesthetes are capable of absorbing radiation and expelling it through their shoe, outsmarting the Slitheen, the Daleks, and the Cybermen, or showing us all a better way to live our lives.

Doctor Who fanvid by seduff.

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