Thursday, April 1, 2010

help me collect information on Twitter lurkers

I've gotten interested lately in the role of lurkers within the Twitter social network. I recently posted this tweet:

Though I wasn't specifically soliciting feedback on this issue, I received lots of responses from Twitter users who wanted to talk about how and why they user Twitter. These are, keep in mind, people who self-identify as lurkers--yet they responded to me through Twitter.

Clearly, this is something people want to talk about.

So I'm interested in finding out more.

I've created a short survey, intended to gather some basic information about the use of Twitter by people who consider themselves lurkers or light users of Twitter, and I'd also be thrilled to hear any thoughts you have on the phenomenon of lurking in Twitter or other online social networks, either through the survey or in comments to this post. I'll post the results of the survey to this blog. The survey is available here.


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May said...

Hi! I'm a lurker. I actually found your page through one of my friends (who I "lurk"), who recommended I comment/take your survey. I am NOT a Twitter user and adamant against becoming one. No one needs to know what I am doing (140 words or otherwise). Nor am I interested in 30 sec updates about what everyone else is doing. I find that Facebook status updates fulfill any interest I might have about a friend but allows enough space in between so that people don't look desperate or annoying.
However, I do "lurk" on Twitters. Not many, mind you. My first was a Twitter specifically for job openings. The other is my aforementioned friend (who isn't very active on Facebook, and thus I have to turn to Twitter). I'm also in the advertising industry so I have to keep up with everything fresh. I don't mind perusing but only once and awhile. And not for very long at a time. Hope this helps!


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