Monday, April 12, 2010

my mom gets on CNN

I recently published a post about my mom, Janet McWilliams, who has been fighting an excessively high water bill and has had a great deal of trouble getting local officials to respond to her attempts to communicate about the bill. After months of trying to communicate with township officials about her bill, she got tired of getting stonewalled and turned to local news media.

A letter to the editor of the local newspaper led to an article in the same newspaper, which led to a television interview with local news affiliate WDIV, which led to distribution across multiple national networks, including MSNBC and CNN. The video below ran on local stations, and clips from this video have been running on CNN's Headline News for the last two days.

Despite the media attention, my mom hasn't heard a thing from her local officials, who were also apparently contacted by the various media outlets and were not available for comment. I've also contacted several local and state officials about the issue and haven't heard back. I'll let you know if anyone does manage to get a response from those folks, but don't hold your breath.

For now, enjoy my mom's moment in the sun!

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