Thursday, December 10, 2009

response from Mark Bauerlein: on The Dumbest Generation

I recently received an email communication from Mark Bauerlein in response to my recent critique of his book, the Dumbest Generation.

I asked, and Bauerlein gave me permission, to post his response to my blog. Here it is, in its entirety:

Astonishing, Jenna, that you quote Liz Losh, who actually takes one disgruntled student's comments on RateMyProfessors as evidence from which to generalize about my teaching.

If you have found any factual or logical errors in Dumbest Generation, I'll be happy to concede them. After all, we want every harsh judgment in the book to be proven wrong.



Mike said...

So, because it's on RateMyProfessor, it's not valid or worthy?

Melissa said...

Apparently, Mr. Bauerlein, like the Herald Times, doesn't quite get this whole new social media thing either.


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