Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sakai 09 Update: lunch was awesome

The food was okay, but what really rocked was the conversation I had with a guy named Aaron Watters, a software engineer from Rutgers University. Here's the main thing: He's a computer scientist and he said it's not too late for me to learn programming!

This, you guys, is my secret dream: getting under the hood of the open source movement for the purpose of opening up education. Aaron recommended that since I have experience with html code, I could try working with building dynamic websites with php.

"You'll know you're a real programmer," he said, "when you enter the pupal stage. It's the stage where you stop eating, stop sleeping, stop talking to everybody for about three weeks.

"And when you emerge," he said, a magical expression on his face, "you're a real programmer."

I want what he's having.

Except, of course, that it happened to Aaron when he was 14. I'm more than twice that age. Do you guys think it's too late?

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ithiliana said...

It's never to late to learn!

The other option is stagnation and death (metaphorical if not literal)!


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