Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogwatch: Cool blog about the law school experience

I've found a fantastic new blog on the ups and downs of law school.

Well, more accurately, so far the blog is about the ups and downs of getting ready to go to law school.

The blog is called Really? Law?, and it chronicles the careening emotions that surround the commitment to attending law school. The author was given a full tuition scholarship to attend Suffolk University in Boston; her posts include musings on her shift away from art (she studied painting) and toward a career in law; the decision to attend a so-called "Tier 4" school instead of the more highly ranked schools that accepted her; the mixture of fear, trepidation, and excitement she feels about the start of law school; and her take on legal issues in the news.

What's most interesting about this blog is that it presents a refreshingly honest take on the challenges of embarking on something really hard, while reaching out for support, advice, and reactions from readers. Here's a sample post, called "Is this normal?"

I'm dreaming about law school.

I'm not just dreaming about it; I'm having nightmares. Many of them. Every night. Some are typical: last night I dreamt I couldn't find my section of the first law class of the day. See, I'd forgotten to attend orientation and never even SAW my class schedule.

OK; typical.

But I also had a dream about moving to my new apartment. I had so many boxes of stuff that the tiny studio had no room for a desk. Clearly, then, I wouldn't be able to complete my schoolwork.

Somewhat typical. I guess.

Then I had a dream that I ate so much pizza the night before school (those damn nerves) that the clothes I'd laid out for the first day of class didn't fit the next morning. I pulled out my loosest clothes but then the boxes that were crowding me out in the second dream reappeared and I couldn't find a mirror. I think you can see where this is going.

Anyone else have that dream? Anyone? Anyone?

I should maybe also mention that the author of this blog happens to be my twin sister. This is us:

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