Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jay Smooth on people who act like they don't pay attention to politics because they're smarter than the rest of us

Here's Jay Smooth smacking down people who say they don't pay attention to politics because every politician is the same, nothing changes, etc.:

"You can’t be on the Know-Nothing team all season and then put on the Know-Everything jersey at playoff time. That’s your team. Stay over there. If you never pay attention to politics, then you don’t get to come over here and tell me how politics affects my life."

Get mad at ignorant people. Visit Jay Smooth's site, ill doctrine.

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Hagbard Celine said...

Just because every politician is the same and doesn't usually help the American people (at least at the federal level) is no reason to be complacent. Paying attention to politics allows reinforcement of your beliefs and the ability to attempt to change it at the ballot box.


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