Thursday, October 15, 2009

may I suggest a new hashtag?

In my search for interesting new blogs to follow, I recently realized I could easily crowdsource this search to the Twitter community, assuming I could get enough users behind it. Twitter users have leveraged the #followfriday hashtag for recommending follow-worthy users and #musicmonday to offer musical suggestions, to roaring success.

I'm going to try starting a #blogroll hashtag, intended to share interesting blogs with other users. I think this will work best if the blogs are grouped by category, so that people who search #blogroll will be able to sort by their interests. So a #blogroll tweet might look like this:

If this works for you guys, then perhaps we should choose a day. I nominate Wednesdays, since for some reason that's the day I most often find myself looking for new blogs to read.

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