Wednesday, August 19, 2009

@danieltosh really knows how to work a crowd

Regular readers of this blog know what a fan I am of comedian Daniel Tosh and his new show, Tosh.0. My love is simple and pure: The show culls the most humiliating moments from millions of online videos, and Tosh exercises the most exacting wit in elaborating on the humiliation.

Here's something else Tosh does well: cultivating his twitter presence. He livetweets during his show each week, responding to viewer questions and proddings, and during and in between he uses twitter not like many celebrities do but exactly like normal people do.

Recently, he posted a twitpic of his summer haircut:

I'm fairly certain he's making fun of twitpic users here, with the wood-paneled cabinets, the slightly tilted head, the direct, semi-flirty eye contact. But, see, he's not just making fun of twitpic; he's also using it with sincerity, for exactly the purpose god vested it with.

Here's what his livetweets look like:

And here's a sample of toshtweets during his off hours:

You guys, this is a comic who's in full command of his medium. It's a bonus for me that his medium happens to be the internet, of which I am a fairly big fan.

If you're interested, the show's on Thursday night at 10 PM Eastern Time on Comedy Central.

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